Learning French over a glass of wine Learn French over a Glass of Wine – Tuesdays from 18h30

Why not?

During my London days of work and French lessons, I recall confiding in my French boss the self-consciousness I felt speaking French openly. In his cool French manner, he suggested I learn while enjoying French wine… a simple suggestion, and as soon as the new strategy was applied, my spoken French improved, as did my confidence and my knowledge of French wine!

Offering this very same fun and relaxed approach to learning the French language while enjoying quality French wine is The Wine Bar & Tasting Room in Brighton. Every Tuesday from 18h30 French lessons can be attended.

Open book with 2 glasses of wine on a wooden table by a window

Set in the friendly atmosphere of The Wine Bar & Tasting Room, their experienced and qualified teacher, Amanda, will focus on a new topic and language point each week while you enjoy a glass of quality wine. The evening is divided into two sessions: a one-hour lesson, which will examine a language point suitable for beginners, followed by an optional informal one-hour discussion using the language learnt in the first hour.

Bookings are taken on a weekly basis. To book your place pay online here, send Ten Green Bottles an email at [email protected], drop into the shop, or call: 01273 567176.

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