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Covid complications causing concerns

Martin and Nadine haven’t been to France since January, and Covid complications certainly are an issue and a constant worry. It seems sorting out a ferry crossing isn’t the only hurdle. Is it better to go or to cancel?

Requirements for driving in France – Breath Test Kits

On 1st July 2012, a law was introduced in France: all drivers had to carry a breath test kit in their car. Find out why and if or how that law was implemented. Read more about the driving requirements in France.

Kouign-amann vs Lardy cake

Kouign-amann is a beautiful, buttery, traditional Breton cake. During the current lockdown, unable to travel to Brittany, we have found an alternative: the British lardy cake. Read on.

Exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France

Is it possible or indeed practical to buy a LHD car in the UK, originally registered in Poland, and then import it to France? Are there guidelines to be followed?

In Reminiac, and I assume in most of rural France, almost every household keeps some sort of livestock, even if it is just a few chickens, rabbits, ducks or even geese.

These animals are not kept as pets but for food so it is inevitable that they will eventually be killed for the pot.

A couple of years ago I struggled with the concept of killing our chickens. I knew it was a skill I had to master.

What would I do if one of our hens got attacked by a fox or a dog? Leave it to die a long painful death?



No, I had to learn how to kill a chicken as quickly and humanely as possible. I have killed a couple of our chickens but it is something I avoid and will only do if ABSOLUTELY necessary. My neighbours, having been brought up with the concept of raising animals destined for the pot, aren

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