Rachel Gallard If you have Free as your phone provider in France you might wonder how to get the 3G (Clé 3 G) working.

Although everything was turned on on the phone, I could not use the 3G. I asked various friends who knew a bit more than me but they could not help. I looked online for answers… I was told my phone could be faulty… I was getting frustrated…

To sort it out was very easy! I contacted Free on their helpline (3244 – premium call!) and they told me to simply download an application called ‘mobileconfig’.

Once downloaded, it worked straight away!

I hope this post will help others who live in France and who have the same problem that I had!

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Editor Notes

Thanks, Rachel. A useful bit of information. I’ve tracked down the mobileconfig app on the Google Play system, but you’ll need to do some research if your phone is not an Android one.

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