Yesterday, frustration with the French’s lack of foresight. Surely, they can see that motivating people to set up small businesses will kick start their economy and will ease the pressure by:

a) Removing the necessity to provide jobs for them. I forget the percentage now, but a horrifyingly large percentage of the French population work for the state.

b) Reducing the number of people claiming unemployment benefit.

Very political for a Wednesday morning. Watch out Mr Sarkozy, I’m after your job !!

What a totally different experience today. Had my first mammogram.

In France, you are not asked to attend a mammogram screening, it is every woman’s responsibility to arrange her own screening and at intervals she is happy with… another debate entirely.

French medical papers

The French are responsible for their medical papers

Anyway, I arranged my first screening a couple of weeks ago and arrived at the radiological centre at Ploermel at 9.30am.

Firstly, I was introduced to a vice like machine which tilted bizarrely at 30 degrees, then to another room where I was given an ultra sound, and fifteen minutes later I was sitting opposite a consultant who had my xray and ultrasound results in front of him.

“Everything is normal, Madame Harrington. We recommend that you have another screening in two years time”.

By 10.00am I was on my way with my xrays, prints outs of the ultra sound and a report from the consultant.

Such efficiency. Perhaps the ‘people’ in charge of the health care should move to the ‘encouraging new small businesses’ department !!

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