Head Lice dilemma in France 1

Head Lice Repellent in France

Mother in Law arrives today. Lectures given to children to limit the amount of Nintendo usage… can they not play chess instead? Received withering looks.

Warned Mark that it if he dares to ’slope’ off to ‘research’ books for his new Kindle I will send his mother up to ‘help’ him. Received another withering look.

Dog blankets washed. House cleaned. Duck roasting. We are ready.

Phone rings. It was a mother of one of Iona’s friends. Iona went to her house yesterday. Iona’s friend has nits. I walk into the lounge: Nintendo in one hand, head scratching with the other.

NOOOO. Check Iona’s head: yes, there are the jumping creatures.

Race to the pharmacy. On my way back, make the calculations in my head.

Mother in Law should arrive in 30 minutes, that should give us all time to jump in the shower, disinfect our heads and be ready and beaming.

Back home. Frog march Iona to the shower in spite of ‘Next level’ protests. Read the instructions.

Spray on dry hair and leave for 15mins.

Wash off with normal shampoo.

Use repellent every day for the next seven days.

We are all sprayed with the dubious liquid: what is in this stuff? The smell is fierce! I emerge from the shower just as they pull into the drive and greet them as if it is normal for all four of us to have dripping hair.

My next dilemma: do I leave a bottle of nit repellent by her bed?

Please help us!

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