Half term activities at French schools

Half-term fun!

Half Term is nearly upon us.

School holidays must be a logistical nightmare for working parents. In France, the school holidays don’t pose any such problems. Yesterday, Iona bought home four leaflets full of half term activities. The choices for this half-term are Arts and crafts, Sports, African dancing, and for older children, mosaic. All of these activities run for the whole duration of the half-term (two weeks) from 9.00am until 5.30 pm. They are organised and subsidised by the local council which also runs a ’school’ bus to pick up the children. The children can either stay a whole week or two weeks or even pick and choose the activities from all four programmes so they could be ice skating one day, African dancing the next, and making balloon animals the next!

Lunch is included and the cost for a week’s entertainment and the bus ride to and from Guer is 47 euros.

I don’t remember any similar council-run activities during the school holiday when I was at school…. but this was 30 years ago… perhaps things have changed.

Please help us!

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