Grape Picker

Grape Picker

Spend a day at a vineyard alongside a French wine maker and French wine professional.

Try your hand at grape picking in the Loire Valley during the grape harvest, and follow the grapes on their journey to become the next vintage wines from the Loire Valley region.

The day will traditionally start with a hearty ‘vignerons breakfast’ before heading to the vines to embark upon a morning of grape picking.

Beside the wine maker and wine professional, the matinée will be spent in le ‘chai’, observing the evolution of the grape harvest and the reception of the different cépages, grape varieties.

As the progression from grape to juice unfolds, Gérald will comprehensively explain each technical process and the machinery involved.

Grape Harvest

Grape Harvest

Following the morning activities will be a three-course ‘gourmand lunch’ hosted by Gérald at Bistrot Les Tontons, Gérald’s wine bar located in the historical heart of Saumur.

Freshly prepared seasonal French cuisine will be accompanied by wines selected to create an exciting food and wine pairing experience, un accord mets et vins.

Returning to the vineyard, the afternoon will consist of further observations in le ‘chai’, and a private wine tour of the Domaine which will further enhance an understanding of wine creation.

Concluding with a technical and extensive dégustation, wine tasting with Gérald, your newly acquired knowledge will enable you to note the individual identities of each wine and distinguish the subtle differences between each vintage year.

Following your grape harvest experience we will keep you updated throughout the development of the wines to the day of bottling.

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