Frost in Brittany After a mild autumn and beginning of winter, the glacial weather has reached Brittany. This came as a shock: this morning the thermometer was showing -6 degrees, which is fairly unusual for our part of the region.

We live in a coastal area, where temperatures are generally higher than inland. Having said that, in recent years, we have seen more extreme temperatures when sudden summer heat waves or blasts of icy winter cold have occurred.

It seems that nowadays, the weather patterns have a mind of their own and cannot be taken for granted.

It is now showing 3 degrees at 4pm. Let’s hope the weather forecast is wrong and it won’t snow on Sunday as planned!

Our fridge, freezer and cupboards are full, so we won’t starve if we can’t get to the shop!

Hopefully we won’t get a power cut either. We are a little bit worried because despite the fact that icy cold conditions are no longer unheard of here, the local infrastructure isn’t particularly adapted to extreme temperatures and can easily fail. I guess it just isn’t cost effective to invest in proper equipment as these conditions are still fairly unusual.

Please help us!

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