Usborne books representative in Brittany and Normandy It’s been a busy time! On the business side of life here, there have been lots of Tots to Travel visits taking place, as House Owners are grasping that to put them ahead of the game for next season, they need an ‘angle’ if your gite is child-friendly, TTT may well be the answer. We haven’t even reached the peak month for bookings enquiries which is normally January, yet bookings enquiries are already flooding in!

I have been very busy with consultation visits and now have only 3 available ‘slots’ left before the end of the year – so if you do want to make a difference to your bookings next year-especially in the shoulder periods of June & September, I would urge you to get in touch QUICKLY for a chat! You can email me directly on [email protected].

On a non-business note, we had a lovely half-term holiday! My son Luke is really into baking so I found a recipe for Chocolate and Courgette Cake (Interesting!) We also dug out the flower bed at the front of the house and planted Daffodils and other flowers. I’m determined to improve the garden-but I’m absolutely USELESS on this front, so things can only get better! There was a really excellent Halloween event that took place at Elizabeille in Laurenan. The kids really enjoyed it, especially the spooky grotto, complete with Liz’s husband Nick dressed as a terrifying monster!

Recently, we took a short trip back to the UK for a Leadership Training session for Allan’s ‘My Shopping Genie’ business. This is now really taking off, and I’m just about to add an advert on this site for anyone who wishes to earn a significant income, working from home, (even from the darkest depths of rural Brittany!)
Anyway, that’s all for now!

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