Kevin Major and Gerard Beaumont

During the month of May, ‘Annie’s House’ was home to Anne & Kevin Major. Their love for France and French wines brought them to the Loire Valley to discover the variety of wines produced by the Chenin and Cabernet Franc grapes in more depth.

Kevin Major, a highly acclaimed writer with an impressive number of awards to his name, is also a wine blogger (“One Brilliant Bottle”), and a Finalist for Best New Wine Blog, Wine Blog Awards Vintage 2010.

Appreciating his time with Gérald and Gérald’s introductions to his vigneron friends, I will leave you to read Kevin’s touching comments:

“I came to the Loire Valley with little appreciation of Loire wines. I left with a great deal, due in large part to Gérald Beaumont. Gérald is a storehouse of knowledge because he has lived with these wines all his life. He grew up in a family of vignerons, the lure of wine-making deep within him. It has very much shaped the person he is today.

It is one thing to hold knowledge, and another to be able to impart it. Fluent in both French and English, Gérald is the specialist one always hopes to encounter.”

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