Exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France

Is it possible or indeed practical to buy a LHD car in the UK, originally registered in Poland, and then import it to France? Are there guidelines to be followed?

Driving in France

In recent years, travelling across to the continent and driving in France has become increasingly easy for Brits, but there are laws and regulations to bear in mind while driving abroad.

Mushroom picking in France

In France, mushroom picking, or “la cueillette des champignons”, is practically a national sport during the Autumn season. However, there are guidelines to follow before wandering through the woods.

Pineau … or Pinot? Do you know the difference?

Pineau is a delicious alcoholic drink which comes from the Charentes region of France. It is a fortified wine made from 3 parts grape juice and 1 part Cognac and, like many great delicacies, was discovered by mistake. Find out all about Pineau des Charentes.

Mushrooming in Monteneuf forest

If it were blowing a gale outside your French home would your first thought be to rush into the local woods to go hunting for ceps, chanterelles and pied de mouton mushrooms? Read Nicola’s account of mushroom hunting in Brittany in the middle of a storm.

Box of furniture from Ikea

A couple of years ago Ikea opened in Rennes and it is proving to be a huge success. I’m sure that its success will however have an impact on the many second hand furniture shops and ‘depot ventes’ that can be found throughout rural France.

Yesterday, we joined the masses and took a trip to Ikea and spent two hours following the designated paths.

Mark has just left to take Iona and Joe to Judo.

“What are you doing this morning”, Mark asked as he left.

I glanced at a weeks worth of ironing.

“If you can put that Ikea chest of drawers together by the time I get back, I’ll do your ironing.” He said grinning as the door slammed.

Mark doesn’t even know where the iron is kept so there is no way he’ll tackle the ironing….. but I can’t resist a challenge… how hard can it be. Surely it’s just like a big lego kit.

I empty the box. Put everything in lines and find screwdrivers and a hammer.

Half an hour later….


Just finished…



I just hope that it doesn’t fall apart……

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