Recipe for French Walnut tart
Tarte aux noix

A talented neighbour

There is a knock on the door.

‘Nicole, are you busy? Non? Bien. Ecoute. This morning I made a fantastic tarte. It is still hot, but, here, try some’… and still standing on the doorstep, Lisette thrusts a plate in my hand.

‘Would you like a coffee?’ I ask.

She looks at her watch. ‘Pourquoi pas?’

‘What is the tarte?’ I ask.

‘Walnut. Do you have any left?’

I point to the three huge baskets in the corner of the kitchen. The walnut crop was fantastic this year.

I try the warm tarte. Yes, it is lovely.

Walnuts in a bowl, cracked walnut outside the bowl, nutcracker on a white rough surface

Lisette, full of enthusiasm for her new French walnut tarte. ‘Oui, j’adore, and it is so simple to make. I knew you would like it, so I’ve written the recipe for you. Now, I must go and do some shopping before midi.’

And just as quickly as she came, she was gone. It is so good to see passion and enthusiasm.

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