The French veterinary system

A Cross Dog!!

Today, we took a trip to the vets in Ploërmel, about 15kms from Reminiac, for a bi-annual checkup for Tess the dog. We are always a bit unsure when going to the vets in France. We have so many questions. Is it very different from a vet visit in the UK or pretty similar?

Well, we were quickly reassured.

When we walked in, the vet carried out a thorough check, took some blood, gave Tess three booster vaccinations, and updated the microchip records. Before we left to go home, the blood results came through, and they indicated a slight liver problem.

We were in the vet’s office for over an hour and left with a course of worming tablets, and a detailed analysis of the blood test results. The dogs’ health book was also stamped and updated with the three vaccinations, and we had instructions to return in three weeks time for a further blood test and two more vaccinations.

We were pretty impressed with the level of service. How thorough!

Thinking of the high standard of professionalism, we couldn’t help but worry about the cost of all that was provided. As Tess is too old to be insured, we have to pay for everything and nothing is covered by any form of insurance. Take a guess at how much we paid for this trip to the vets?

Well, the basic consultation cost us 20 euros but by the time we had added the blood test, its analysis, the vaccinations, and all the meds, it more than tripled. But do you know what? It doesn’t matter. We were really very pleased with the level of service Tess received: kind, professional, and very competent. All in all, going to the vets in France, a new experience for our family, was far less stressful (for us humans anyway) than we had expected and definitely on a par with going to our previous vet in the UK.

Please help us!

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