French impressions - The Loire Valley I have just finished reading the latest French travel book by George East – French Impressions : The Loire Valley. It’s a good book, and one that, in my opinion, is an equal to his previous book about Brittany.

As well as covering various towns and villages along the Loire Valley from Saint Nazaire to Sully-sur-Loire, George interjects numerous anecdotes from his time in the region. One such story describes an error that he made when visiting his recycling centre, which struck a chord with me, and which I’m sure other Brits have come across in France – the complex recycling rules!

Here’s a snippet of George’s story…

According to a curt letter from the Mayor, we are to be fined for transgressing the local recycling laws.

On our last visit to the village rubbish disposal point, we spent an hour posting what we thought were the right things through the right slots. Our offence, the letter says, was to put a paper envelope in the container reserved for paper. Although the envelope was made of paper, we should have known that, for some unspecified reason and like yoghurt pots, all envelopes are striclty non-grata. We cannot post a “not guilt” plea as the letter includes a photo-copy of the envelope, which has our address on it. In a very French way, the final admonition that ignorance of the law is no excuse is followed by a twenty-two word flowery sign-off assuring us of the undying friendship and loyalty of the sender.

As well as the hurt of the fine and terseness of the letter and the fact that we had tried to follow the labyrinthine rules and regulations correctly, the event is further evidence of how France has changed in recent times.

Apart from the weather, food, drink, countryside and cheap property, one of the main reasons we came to live in this country was because of the general ambience of tolerance…..

I’m sitting in my garden eating my crevettes roses and, thanks to George’s book, am wondering whether I need to put the heads in one recycling box and the rest of the prawn shells in another.

I’m still happy to be in France, but, like George, I too see that things have changed in recent years – and not for the better.

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