Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites Mark and I were in Rennes the other day.

Not being used to paying for parking (where we live it is free), we had to find some cash for a parking meter.

I only had enough for two hours, and as it was already eleven o’clock, it wouldn’t give us long enough as we wanted to eat in a nearby Auberge, as well as doing a bit of shopping.

Mark was less bothered, as it meant no shopping (lunch was more important, he said).

My annoyance at his badly disguised pleasure was soon turned around when I put the cash in the meter. The ticket came out of the slot with an expiry time of 15h30.

Closer examination showed…”Paid: 11h-12h. Repas (lunch): 12h-14.30, no charge. Paid: 14h30 – 15h30”.

Is France the only place in the world where Parking Meters go for lunch as well as the populace ?

Perhaps this idea could catch on in the UK !

Please help us!

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