Gateau Basque

Gateau Basque

Summer is over, time to go back to the classroom for my French lesson. After such a long break, I don’t feel all that confident…

My French teacher has asked me to bake a Gateau Basque that I can bring to my first class this afternoon. This I can manage with more confidence and it takes my mind off my grammar misery.

It is now one o’clock in the afternoon, the Gateau Basque has been made and it smells divine if I say so myself.

I have even gone one step further and invested in new pens and exercise books while out shopping in Ploermel last week.

I could not be more ready.

Let the French Lessons recommence!

Unfortunately, there is a small issue: if only my brain were a young sponge… I could soak up all the conjugation, the grammar rules and the pronunciation effortlessly but it isn’t to be, I’m afraid. Even punctuation is a bit of a mystery to me, with very different rules from the English version.

And sadly, my brain is ageing: it TAKES SO LONG to retain anything!

Be patient François and have another piece of gateau basque… who knows, it might help you show me a bit more clemency.

One cannot excel at everything!

Please help us!

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