You had until 17th February 2012 to exchange your last French francs. If you missed that date, they won’t be worth anything! I guess collectors might be interested to have them in the future.

What were they worth in euros?

500 francs “Pierre et Marie Curie” (€76.22),
200 francs “Gustave Eiffel” (€30.49),
100 francs “Cézanne” (€15.24),
50 francs “Saint-Exupery” (€7.62),
20 francs “Debussy” (€3.05).

I lived abroad when France switched to the Euros so I didn’t have to worry about it as I was using Pounds at the time.

I did find a 10 French franc coin last week. It looked like a 1 euro coin. The lady at the shop gave it back to me and asked for some euros instead! I wonder where I got it from.

I might have to have my eye sight checked again or be more vigilant when given change next time I shop somewhere!

Please help us!

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