Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

It’s the first round of the French elections next weekend and at the Sunday market we were bombarded with leaflets from left, right and centre.

After reading them it’s quite interesting to see that there are 3 hardish right parties including Sarkozy. There is also Hollande who is not very committed to much dogma. Finally, there are also some extreme mad leftists parties who want to nationalize everything.

Mélenchon is the flavour of the month. He is very ‘left’ and wants to double the smic (minimum wage). He also promises to guarantee all the social aides and resist the banks and markets. In fact, all the candidates are trying to maintain the status quo, high social spending without any explanation of how it can continue in a free market situation. They also all totally ignore the oncoming euro crisis which will erupt after the election.

I guess they feel empowered to say what they want (fantasies) knowing full well there will zero money to implement anything worthwhile post-election. Not being particularly political, it will be good to get rid of Sarkozy, as I find him rude and disregardful to the French people and the office of the president. Plus, he has jumped on the bandwagon of attacking foreigners in France.

My son Max has a vote as he is now French, but lives in Lille, so voting is a problem. He tried to get me to vote for him but as I’m not on the list I am unable to do. So, unless he finds someone he can trust to vote as a proxy, he will not vote. It’s a shame they don’t have postal votes here.


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