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Nicola Harrington

François calls.

‘C’est bon. The christening has been set for 11.00 on Saturday 2nd April at St Martin sur Oeust. Are you sure you weren’t christened?’

‘Positive.’ I reply.

‘C’est une probleme, mais, I said you were English and they do things differently in England. The priest seemed happy with that.’

‘We need to talk about my responsibilities for the day and after.’ I say, suddenly aware of the closeness of it all.

I could sense François grinning, ‘C’est rien, you just need to hop once round the church. We’ll talk later.’

‘If there is anything I can do, let me know.’ I offer.

‘Thanks, a bientôt.’ Francois replies, and he was gone.

2nd April. That is just 2 weeks away. Panic starts to set in. Of course the minor issues always come to the fore. I am sure this is the minds ‘firewall’ coming into action, preventing one from dwelling too long on the serious issues. What does one wear to a christening?, weddings and funerals are always pretty informal. Mark only has jeans and a motley collection of T shirts, and however much he claims his Pink Floyd T shirt is still ‘decent’, it won’t do.

Editor’s Note : This follows on from Nicola’s first Baptism post which you can read here… Un Bapteme

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