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Nicola Harrington

Last weekend, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Le Vieux Lierre in Reminiac, but it did highlight that old customs die hard….

Mark asked what accompanied the fish.

“Pasta” replied the waitress.

“Could I have chips?” Mark asked.

“Chips” she replied, somewhat incredulously, and, without thinking, she went on: “you can’t eat chips with fish, it just isn’t, well, it is not right.”

Mark grinned. She did not mean to be rude, but as with many French people, she is passionate about food, and the French just do NOT eat chips with fish, apart from mussels.

Not wanting to upset Mark, she quickly added: “Mais, if you would like chips, then it is not a problem.”

The meal arrived, and the waitress returned three times to our table just to make sure the fish and chips were OK !!

The poor waitress was co confused. She would visibly shake her head as she left our table. She then came to ask what cheeses we would like, and Mark couldn’t resist joking with a very straight face, and asked if he could have chips with his cheese !!

“Vraiment?” the waitress asked…

So, even after ten years in France, some of our very British customs and tastes are still with us, and I don’t think they will ever leave us.

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