Since 4th January 2012, fines for phoning at the wheel in France have been setting drivers back a massive €135.

Before the increase, the fine cost €35. Quite a jump at the time (and still a hefty amount even today).

Traffic light

The fine has to be paid on the spot, so make sure you keep your mobile phone out of reach to avoid any temptation!

If you hold a French driving licence you will also lose 3 penalty points (the French point system is the opposite of the UK one: in France, drivers start off with 12 points on their licence and gradually lose them if they break the law).

Drivers in France who don’t abide by the Code de la Route rules while at the wheel, lose points on their licence. For example, a speeding fine could cost you between 2 and 6 points all at once, depending on the speed you were doing.

If you went through a red light, it would cost you 4 points.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also severely punished. Not only is the fine expensive, but the infraction could potentially result in the withdrawal of your licence.  

You have been warned!

Editor’s Note

The lady on the phone in the above picture is only pretending for the purpose of this article. The car was sat on the drive, engine off, when the photo was taken… just thought I would clarify this point in case anyone thinks she is breaking the law!

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