Fast work with big machines 1

Heavy machinery…

8 am. We have decided to tackle our jungle of a garden with heavy machinery so the JCB arrives on a huge trailer.

We start by clearing a huge area at the bottom of the new field, which is covered in thick black plastic. Over time, it has been covered again by earth and 10ft high brambles.

Without this marvellous machine, this job would take days… by lunchtime, we are back to bare earth.

It was not long before our next-door neighbour Guillaume climbed over the fence just to see exactly what we were up to!

French curiosity...

French curiosity…

Before he spoke to me, he walked around the whole garden, taking it all in. He then came over just to confirm that he had got it right… The drainage pipes were going to go straight across the field and into a newly created pond. The stones around the ruin were to be moved, a trench for a new hedge would be dug, and a new parking area created.

‘That’s about it.’ I replied to Guillaume, who was still pointing and nodding as he watched the JCB shudder as another load of clay was shaken out onto a huge pile of earth.

When he was satisfied, he turned, walked down the garden and back over the fence.

A little info on JCBs

We have all heard of JCBs but what are they, exactly? Well, a JCB refers to a type of construction equipment made by J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, known for their distinctive yellow excavators, backhoes, and other heavy machinery used in construction, agriculture, and demolition. The term “JCB” has become synonymous with diggers and excavators due to the brand’s widespread recognition and popularity in these sectors.

To hire a JCB in France, you can use the JCB dealer locator tool on their website to find a dealer near you. This tool allows you to search for dealers by location or name and covers a wide range of regions including France. For more details and to find a dealer, you can visit the JCB website.

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