Plestin, Lannion Band in Brittany We were married on May 8th. In France, this is a bank holiday to celebrate the end of WW2, so I have no excuse to forget.

12 of us played in the fanfare this year – which was ironic as Lannion only had 9 musicians. The band is going into decline rapidly. Since I quit in February, another sax player left and joined me at Perros, and the guys have done nothing but moan about the new band conductor.

We had our annual visit to the accountant this week, and were surprised as the old boss has retired and we had a meeting with 2 women. I was feeling a bit chauvinist, but I think they did a better job than the previous guy and were more helpful. In general, France isn’t a very sympathetic place to do business – we all pay too much in social charges and the change of president will do little to alter things. I think the public gave the correct result, as Sarkozy was deeply unpopular and, surprisingly for a politician, unable to hide his nasty side. Still, I think Hollande’s presidency should speed up the inevitable euro crisis, as the current policy of austerity is destabilizing all the “Med ” countries. It is nonsense pretending to have one policy for all the euro countries, when they don’t have the same cultural attitude to work. In addition, Germany is unwilling (understandably) to redistribute its wealth.

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