Biscuits on top of corner of map of Britain showing local delicacies and dishes

Christmas may well be over and all our relatives have returned to England, but we are still constantly reminded of their presence by the ‘English’ treats that they left behind.

I know that the French produce some wonderful cheeses but I still have a weakness for strong cheddar, and the fridge now boasts a couple of blocks. A red tin of Family Circle biscuits is still kicking around, but I fear all that remains are the shortbread biscuits!

I also believe there is a tiny wedge of a particularly good Stilton that Mum bought over and sadly I finished the chutney yesterday.

English beer in a purpose built shelving unit in France

Whilst my treats are all food-orientated, Mark has another passion which is not available in France, English beer!

Yesterday he made some shelving for his newly acquired beer. Should I be worried?

Please help us!

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