Domaine Huber-Verdereau

A good friend of Gérald’s, Thiébault Huber from Domaine Huber-Verdereau will be hosting a private wine-tasting event at The Wine Shop & Tasting Room in Brighton on Sunday 15 May 2011 at 15h00.

(Photo: The Wine Estate, Bourgogne)

Domaine Huber-Verdereau Borgogne Chardonnay

Thiébault’s wines are certainly a ‘must-have’ chez Les Beaumonts and a personal favourite is the Bourgogne Chardonnay which is most likely to be amongst the chosen wines to be sampled.

Domaine Huber-Verdereau Volnay

History: Domaine Huber-Verdereau was founded by Thiébault Huber in 1994, but originates from the 19th century when the Verdereau family began to grow wine on the estate in Volnay. Thiébault runs 6.5 hectares of vines in three parishes: Volnay, Pommard, and Meursault. Convinced that the true wealth and flavour of Burgundy come from the soil, he controls yields and makes his wines in the traditional manner, though not hesitating to use modern techniques such as thermoregulation and pre-fermentation maceration when necessary. The Domaine has worked organically since 2001 and applied biodynamic principles in 2005.

Burgundy Tasting – booking can be made online; click here or by contacting either Sam or Simon at The Wine Shop & Tasting Room on 01273 567176.

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