Giving to charity.

Just over ten years ago, we did a lot of research into various charitable organizations, as we felt we should contribute to a charity… (but which one?) and we didn’t want our donations being swallowed up in huge administration machines.

We wanted to help people.

We found a charity we were happy with, and have been donating monthly ever since.

But it is hard to know which charity to support, and to have faith that the money you are donating is actually doing some good. Far better to actually DO something, but this is very difficult as we all lead busy lives and quite often we don’t have the skills required.

A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping in Super U, and as I entered the shop a lady gave me a yellow flier.

In France, every November, there is a national collection for the homeless and for families on low incomes. The lady wasn’t asking for money. Could I put a couple of extra things in my trolley and donate these so that they could be used in food parcels?

What a fantastic idea! By actually donating a packet of sugar, a bag of pasta and a box of soup, I actually felt I was doing something useful.


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