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A ladies’ day out

What a great time we had! 20 ladies had all met up for an afternoon girly networking event at Le Fougeray, just outside Le Cambout, near La Chèze (Côtes-d’Armor). Rosie was the hostess with the mostest – and she had provided the venue for a get-together with some bubbly and nibbles: 3 hours for meeting new friends and contacts – and just the tonic for the end of a very wet week in Brittany.

Nibbles on a tray

Towards the end of the get-together, two hunky firemen turned up at the door – unfortunately, they were just selling calendars rather than coming to give us a Chippendale routine – but we can always dream! There’s another girly meet on December 4th too in the afternoon at the same venue in Le Fougeray.

Since then time seems to have flown, as usual. We tried our local school’s Potee on 13th November. I’ve done a couple of Usborne Book Parties and one of the ladies I met at Le Fougeray has booked an event on December 4th from 10 am – 12 noon at the English Connection Language school in Vannes, if anyone is interested in popping in. There will still be time to order for delivery before Christmas.

I read on a website today that it is only 33 days until Christmas. Yikes! Still have loads to sort out in the house before then AND I need to finish my last UK tax return which is my least favourite job. No rest for the wicked…

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