Descending moon or not, the apples have been pressed 1

Apples waiting to be pressed

When we bought our French property in Reminiac, it came with a beautiful orchard overflowing with good quality fruit. We certainly didn’t want all of this to go to waste, so every year, as well as baking crumbles and making apple compote or apple pies, we have also had the bulk of our crop pressed in order to produce delicious apple juice. We were absolute beginners at apple pressing: for example, we didn’t know that no French farmer would press apples during a descending moon!

Obviously, this is an old wives tale that the French are so keen on, especially farmers and gardeners. However, we were lucky: Raymond, our kind neighbour who happens to be a farmer, has agreed to help us out this year.

Descending moon or not, the apples have been pressed 2

Let the pressing commence

Our apple pressing is now finished. All our wine racks are now fully stacked with apple juice from our own crop! It is a most satisfying feeling, making it all the more enjoyable.

I need not have worried about the juice being too sweet… it tastes very good… even better than last year.

Please help us!

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