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Nicola Harrington

Getting a bit anxious now. OK severely wound up about this pièce de monteé, not helped by my mother telling me I really shouldn’t have taken it on as what happens Nicola, if you can’t do it that is the centre piece for the day. You could ruin the whole christening. No pressure there then.

Was up at 4.00am this morning. Made three batches of profiteroles and three caramel sauces. The traditional caramel sauce whereby you melt sugar very slowly in water this took an hour and a half and went rock hard within 10 minutes of coming off the cooker. No good. I won’t be able to pile up the profiteroles in under ten minutes.

The cheats caramel. No good. sugar didn’t melt and the result was very grainy.

Now mega confession. The last ditch try was Delia’s toffee sauce. Toffee sauce / Caramel sauce will anyone be any the wiser ? Well, good old Delia, the toffee sauce took just 10minutes to make.. I just hope it is sticky enough to glue the choux.

Well, I took all three samples round to Fabienne and Francois keeping my fingers crossed that they would vote for the toffee sauce. Woopeee yes, they did.

A little sweet, but it did get the thumbs up.

It has also just dawned on me just how big this pièce de monteé has got to beŠthere will be 28 ֠35 people at the christening. Four choux per person. That is 140 choux. All mounted up on each other to form a lovely symmetrical cone.

I have a plan. Šhow about two pièces de monteéŮ one chocolate and one caramelŮ surely 70 choux piled on top of each other is more manageable ?

Will ask Fabienne tomorrow.

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