Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

I guess by playing in so many bands, it’s inevitable there will be conflicting dates, so next Sunday I have a choice between playing with Lannion in the church at Bulhien (just outside Lannion), or in another church at Perros.

We had a practice in the church on Monday with the Lannion guys.
It was dire, the chef was suffering from bronchitis, the trumpets were a confused bunch as they sat at the front (noisy instruments are always behind), and one of them criticised another for playing too loud, so he threw his toys out of the pram, as they say, and left before the aperitif (bizarre behaviour for a Frenchman).

I invited a drummer friend from the jazz circle to come and play, as we are missing a drummer.
Wisely, he just listened and left.

I talked to him later, and explained that the band was in transition, and there would be a new chef in January, so he said he would come back then.

There is an interesting difference between the 2 bands in the amount of financial support they receive from their respective towns: Lannion gets about 5k whereas Perros receives only 2k.

We had our annual meal with Perros last Sunday in a flashy restaurant (La Suite), opposite the beach at Trestou, but I had to pay for Pauline.
At Lannion, all is paid for, and we even get attendance money. It just shows you can’t buy a band.

So my choice is either to play with Lannion with the Tonquedec chorale singing afterwards, or at Perros doing classical music with a 140 chorale and being filmed by Canal+ for television…………………difficult……………….it’s a no-brainer.

Please help us!

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