Mark is not a happy man tonight.



He has just spent the best part of 10 days on and off entirely re-landscaping our garden.

All very hard work, involving JCB work, followed by harrowing, and then whole days of careful raking.

A pond has also been dug and the place is now completely different. Ready for planting this weekend.

All was fine until 10 pm last night when Mark looked out to admire his work and was horrified to see a herd of cows running amok in the lovingly tended garden.

Sadly, destruction was total: huge holes everywhere, the banks of the pond had collapsed, the finely tilled earth was churned into a quagmire and a fence was flattened. Mark was beside himself!

Eventually, the neighbouring farmer appeared, at which point Mark got fairly cross, to which the inevitable Gallic shrug was offered.

More crossness and more shrugs followed.

An hour later, the cows were removed but not before leaving a good two days’ work for Mark to repair… what can you do?

The joys of the countryside!

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