Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

The weather has changed since the end of November to a more seasonal pattern: cold, wet, and miserable.

I must say I like it.

It’s ok having a mild autumn, but we need rain, as water tables are low in Brittany. It’s not good to have a dry winter.

Two weeks ago, we (the Perros-Guirec harmonie) did a couple of Verdi concerts at Paimpol and Perros.

The Perros gig was a sell-out and people were turned away. Both concerts were filmed by Canal+ for television later in the year.
It must be a bit intimidating having a camera in your face if you are in the front row. Fortunately for me, I was hidden in the second row, so hardly noticed them.

They tend to place the better looking women in the front (except the accordeon player who is a bit scary).

The concert went really well, especially the Perros gig, with quite a few in the audience drying their eyes after the last number.

We only have another 3 Verdi gigs to do, plus a Christmas concert.

Last weekend was free, so I went to Guingamp for a concert by their harmonie, as I have a couple of mates playing with them.
It started really well: percussion doing a good rhythm, then straight into ”Colonel Bogey”, lots of applause, then calls for lights on.

Very unusually then, I noticed a bunch of paramedics around a man who had collapsed a few rows in front of me. At the time, I thought it was a heart attack, but it seems the idiot had climbed over the seats and injured his knee so badly he couldn’t walk. It took a good half-hour to unscrew a row of 10 seats so a wheelchair could be placed next to him to wheel him away.

I would have left him there until after the concert, so long as he didn’t make too much noise for being an idiot.

They have a good repertoire, and I was immensely jealous when they played an arrangement of Thelonious Monk’s “Round Midnight”, one of my all time favourites. It was just a shame the trumpet player messed up his solo. Fortunately, it wasn’t Jean-Christophe, as he would have been teased excessively by his jazz mates.
Then it was back into the rain  for the drive home.

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