Classical music piano concert in Brittany Jocelyn Saini would like to invite you to a very special musical event in Brittany on Saturday 5th May.

Eileen Huang, a very talented Chinese pianist, will be performing “Piano sur la Route de la Soie”, a piano solo featuring music by Scarlatti, Chopin, Babadjanyan, Liszt, and selected Chinese music.

This is a rare opportunity to see and listen to Eileen Huang, and a great chance to enjoy the magnificent Chateau du Val, a beautiful 19th Century Brittany chateau in extensive grounds with a magnificent backdrop.

So, if you enjoy beautiful music and champagne cocktails in magnificent settings, you’ll be wise to book your place early.

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Two decades after leaving China, pianist Eileen Huang has always kept a dream…

“ My dream is to go along the road which connected east and west with my Piano by playing Chinese Piano works in my European classical programs.”

While searching for musician partners, 15 years ago she founded the International Chamber Music Course & Festival (ICMC Festival ) in Positano, south Italy; she has written several books on her story and she has recorded numerous CDs of Chinese Piano works and other classical programs.

She has kept her dream.

Eileen Huang has made up her mind to take on the ancient Silk Road. Like her ancestors to cross the world connecting East and West. Through this project, she will use their music to tell their life stories with different cultural background but with one language – music.

Before Eileen and her team are ready to go on the road, she will perform a concert “Piano on Silk Road” at Chateau du Val.

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