Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites Wednesday. No school. Swimming lessons.

I try to cram in doing a weeks shop, getting chicken feed, filling the car with petrol and finding a clothes recycling point into 45 minutes.

On the way home in someone’s front garden we see an animal suspended by its hind legs in the middle of a tripod of wooden sticks.

‘Was that a dog?’ Iona asks.

‘Too big for a dog, it was a rabbit.’ Joe replies.

‘No it was too big for a rabbit. ‘ Iona argues.

‘I think is was a hare.’ I say hoping that this will placate them both, and that the conversation would move onto how many lengths they had to swim.

No, an animal hanging upside down from a tripod was far too an interesting topic to be dropped.

‘ What were those men doing with that animal?’ Iona asks. She was not convinced about my hare theory.

‘They have tied it upside down by its legs. They will then cut the hare’s throat. All the blood will drip out. They will then take the skin off it and cook it.’ Joe replies pretty succinctly.

‘A bit like when you killed that chicken Maman.’ Iona continues. ‘You hung the chicken up by its feet and cut its throat. Will they pull all its cuts out like you did? Do you remember there was miles and miles of guts?’

These children have clearly seen too much rural life; we need to get back to City Life before too much damage is done, and FAST…

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