The mystery of the Police invasion and circling gendarmerie helicopter has been solved. It all revolves around Daniel, who is a very popular figure in the village.

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His family has lived in Reminiac for generations (for ever, I think!) and consequently, he knows absolutely everything about everyone: inter-family squabbles, disputes over land boundaries, skeletons in everyone’s closet, etc. You name it, Daniel knows about it.

How he knows, I have no idea, but he does.

He is a kind and helpful man, and all the inhabitants of Reminiac tend to turn to him in times of crisis.
He was the first person on the scene when our house was struck by lightning a couple of years ago and burnt to the ground.

Daniel is in his fifties and has never married. He lives just on the outskirts of the village.

French baguette

His habits are pretty fixed: he walks to the bar at about 9 am for a coffee and a baguette, and returns at about 4 pm for a small glass of wine.
So, if anyone needs some help, advice or just to pass an hour or so they know where to find him!

Lucienne stopped me on Monday morning after I dropped Iona and Joe off at school.

“Have you seen Daniel? He didn’t go to the bar at all yesterday, c’est bizarre. Lionel has been to his house. There isn’t anyone there.”

“Perhaps he is out helping someone,” I replied.

Circling helicopter mystery solved 1

Tuesday morning.
9 am came and went. Still no Daniel for his baguette and morning coffee.

A huge police search party was soon underway… and a gendarmerie helicopter!

After a three hour intensive search, the gendarmes left, satisfied that he was not hurt or injured in a field or a ditch.

Later Tuesday afternoon, Phillippe went to Daniel’s house to see if he had returned, when he heard banging. Lots of banging.

Daniel had been so hot on Sunday evening, that he had decided to sleep in his cellar and somehow got locked inside it! Mystery solved.

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