The beginnings of a Christmassy craft!

I have just found a damp piece of paper at the bottom of the letterbox.

It is from the president of the ‘Christmas fete’ Association. Every year Reminiac holds a Christmas fete and the women (terribly sexist!) in the village are encouraged to attend weekly workshops to make things to sell at the village fête.

I would never have guessed Christmas workshops in France were so popular…

I read the letter. My heart sinks. The first workshop will be on 9th October at the village hall. The president asks that everyone bring at least one idea; preferably a sample to the first workshop in order that we can collate ideas and decide which ‘crafts’ will be made.

I don’t have an artistic gene in my body, which is extremely frustrating particularly as my father, John Scarland, produces pretty amazing paintings.  Check out the new work for his exhibition on Saturday. All the artistic genes were passed to my brother.  The injustice of it all.

What to do?  I have two days to make a ‘Christmassy’ craft……

Take a waste pipe and a light bulb

Rudolph the red-nosed lightbulbI have come up with two ideas: Rudolph the red-nosed light bulb and serviette rings made from waste pipe…

Have found the ‘raw’ materials.

Today I must make a sample. Not entirely sure about the ideas let alone the reality.

But, now is not the time for doubts, it is the hour for action….

Rudolph the red-nosed light bulb

Oh, dear… Let’s hope the serviette rings turn out a little better….

Please help us!

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