Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

The Plestin les greves canton has surveyed all the boundaries of the properties and fields in an effort to be more efficient and arrange land swaps for the farmers. So for the past two weeks, we have had a large JCB and bulldozer knocking out little hedges and creating new earth banks that have been planted with trees as their “eco compromise”. So the fields will be bigger and, with the various trade offs, more centralised.

I was a little worried when the diggers were working in the next field as to whether the notaire had transfered the corner of the orchard to us, as they had previously messed up when we bought the place 20 years ago and had missed out one parcel of land. I was considering tying Paulien to a tree as a protest if they attempted to take out our hedge, but fortunately for her, it wasn’t necessary.

We did our final spring concert last Sunday it went really well: over 300 people packed into the hall (it was a freebie) and the doors were shut. It’s such a contrast with the Lannion band who would struggle to get 50 to hear them… and that would be mostly partners. I stopped playing with them a month ago, telling my mates the music and practice were boring and I regard the new director as an egoist. They were a bit shocked at the time, but last weekend we played in a fanfare together for the March 18 memorial  (the 50th anniversary of the cease fire in Algeria) and they do nothing but moan about the new chef. I had to laugh – he doesn’t understand the ambiance of the band. They need to play simple but interesting music and drink alcohol afterwards. The chef is into classical music and drinks coca cola!

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