Army manoeuvres

The soldiers move on

This week I have moved next door into La Maison Blanche.

I had just finished repainting the ground floor, and went to my car in search of the gloss paint… aaahhh!

I came face to face with an army man in full camouflage gear, face painted in green and brown, carrying a huge gun.

He grinned. I looked around. La ville Hatte was swarming with military personnel. I looked across the road.. there were at least 30 in the ditch on their stomachs, guns positioned.

There was a full on military exercise and La Maison Blanche was in the middle of it !!

The three old ladies, the only inhabitants of La Ville Hatte, were delighted. They were sitting on the kitchen chairs by the side of the road, watching the whole thing.

Some of the soldiers even said a quiet ‘Bonjour Mesdames’ to them as they passed, which delighted them still further.

Before long, 5 army jeeps and a fully camouflaged lorry arrived, with more soldiers, and then soldiers with dogs.

OK. Enough is enough.. back to the gloss painting !!

After four hours they moved out…

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