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Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

We had a very quiet Christmas with all the children, only now they are grown up and eat and cost more.

We did our usual routine: everyone lies in bed until I have prepared the bird and put it in the oven, then suddenly they all appear with: “Oh, I wanted to help, etc”.

We walk down to the beach after the meal and play football, and then Bas, feeling brave, strips off and dives into the sea. Mad.

The following day was also calm until an hour after lunch when I started feeling queasy. I had only eaten 6 oysters and never had a reaction before, but for the next 4 hours I was quite ill, and around 8 in the evening just passed out, so Pauline called an ambulance and I spent the night in the local hospital, where they did various tests on me: heart and blood tests, but it was just a case of bad intoxication by the oysters, so I don’t think I’ll be eating them again for a long time.

Today, the old fanfare of Plestin did a gig at the port of Locquirec, while a dozen brave people swam in the sea.

They say if you swim everyday you get used to it, but I  think I’ll stick to the music and the mulled red wine.

A happy new year to my blog followers and may 2012, the Year of the Dragon, be good for you.

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