I arrive at the Citroën garage.

‘What do I need to do to register my 2CV in France?’

I am told to go to the third office on the right. Here I am given a form.

I require 4 documents and each of these 4 documents requires supporting documentation (no surprise here!):

1. Certificat d’Importation

2. Certificat de Conformité

3. Contrôle Technique

4. Carte Grise

My first step is to go to the Impôts Office in Ploërmel with a letter from the seller, confirming that he has sold me the 2CV, and the registration document. I am given a certificat d’Importation.

Will the 2cv pass its' MOT?

Will the 2cv pass its’ MOT?

Flushed with success, I return to the Citroën garage. My next step is the certificat de conformité. To obtain this certificate, I need 8 documents and to provide a cheque for €150. One of the documents I need is a contrôle technique (MOT). I drive to the MOT garage.

‘Oh non, madame, we cannot MOT your car until you have the certificat de conformité.’

I show the MOT mechanic my letter from Citroën which says I need a contrôle technique before I can apply for the certificat de conformité. He shows me an official document stating that he cannot perform a contrôle technique unless he has a Carte Grise or a Certificat de Conformité.

I return to the Citroën garage and explain that it appears I cannot obtain either document without first obtaining the other.

The Citroën overalled mechanic gives a gallic shrug.

I leave the 2CV Chez Citroën. Will they be able to sort out this bureaucratic tangle?

Please help us!

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