In 2002 Anne’s sister approached us with the idea of jointly buying a home in France. She knew that we often dreamed of the idea and she wanted a project to work on. It just so happened that it came at the right time for us and we said yes. So, in the middle of the summer, we set off as three innocents to find our dream home.

Of course, the first decision we had to make was: where? We loved France and could have gone anywhere. Anne’s sister was interested in the Vendée. In the end, we chose the Loire Valley because it was as far south as we felt we could travel regularly without being dependent upon planes.

A new project - we're buying a home in France 1

So we spent a few weeks house hunting. The first house that we looked at ticked all the boxes but it was the first, so we said no. Eventually, we decided to go for it… but it was too late.

We saw so many great houses but all lacked some key element. I could bore you with the ones”s we didn’t buy. In the end, we bought an old farmhouse on an acre of land. Dad had died and Mum was moving into a rest home, so we negotiated with the four children for the purchase of their family home.

Here is the house we bought. Take a look at to see what we made of it.

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