Home with tuffeau stone in Pouancay, France Since moving to our home in Pouançay, Gérald and I had been wondering what to do with the space that had been semi-created before our arrival.

A lovely spot to the side of the house where one can enjoy the sun and take in the full impact of our spectacular view.

An area outside for the family had always been our intention but careful consideration had to be given to ‘le look’, keeping in mind the spirit and tradition of the village and in addition, complimenting our home, ‘La Bellevue’.

Improving a house with tuffeau stone in France Much to my excitement, yesterday saw the finishing touches put to the terrace.

Created in tuffeau, the signature stone of this region, the height of the terrace has been created by carefully selected plants.

Not missing out too was the ‘light well’ leading into our troglodyte caves, soon to be a mass of colour as soon as the Pierre de Ronsard roses, the chèvrefeuille (honeysuckle), and clematis burst into flower later this year.

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