Bucket loads of French walnuts

Bucket Full of French Walnuts

I’ve been putting it off all week, but this morning I did face the queues at the bank.

On the way home, I saw another one. Yes, I’m sure. The car screeched to a halt. I sort of parked. Leapt out of the car.

Yes, it was: another walnut tree.

By the side of the road. Yippee. In ‘French Rural Law’ if it is in a ditch it’s fair game.

I looked around… there were hundreds of walnuts hidden in the long grassed verge.

I am about to admit something which may seem a bit strange. I keep a bucket in my car for emergencies such as this. This year I have ‘found’ peaches, blackberries, elderflowers, and now walnuts.

There was a time when I would look around self-consciously as I foraged. Not anymore… oh no, I’m turning into a ditch woman!

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