Exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France

Tracey, a British expat living in Brittany, contacted us to ask the following question: I am thinking of exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France. The car would be registered in Poland. Is this possible? How difficult would it be? EXPORTING A UK BOUGHT LHD CAR TO...

Driving in France

In recent years, travelling to the continent and driving in France has become increasingly easy for Brits. Both the Channel Tunnel and the various ferry companies offer numerous options. We live in Swindon and usually use the Portsmouth - Le Havre crossing. It offers...

Mushroom picking in France

Autumn, mushroom picking season Mid-October is upon us, and autumn is already well on its way... glorious golden colours abound in the countryside. A real feast for the senses: bright yellows, oranges, rich reds and browns so pleasing to the eye. The earthy and musty...

Pineau … or Pinot? Do you know the difference?

What is the difference between Pineau and Pinot? When I first met my wife's family in France, I had never heard of Pineau. When I did hear of it, I thought people were referring to Pinot – as in Pinot Grigio, which I love! But I did not realise there is a great...

Mushrooming in Monteneuf forest

An unexpected visitor (original post by Nicola) I had never thought of mushrooming in Monteneuf forest until yesterday when there was a terrific storm in the Ploërmel area. I had just put another log on the fire this afternoon when there was a knock at the door. Since...

After months of exceptionally dry weather, it has rained solidly for the past six days.

Guillaume is absolutely delighted with this constant rain, the grass is visibly growing and his cows have once again lots of lovely lush grass.

I stopped to get a baguette for lunch and made a dash from my car to the shop.

‘What weather!’ I said as I enter the bar.

Marie Louise and Chantel turned, looking quite shocked at my critiscm of the inclement weather

‘ Mais Nicole, c’est super’. This wasn’t sarcasm.

How can it be super? It has rained solidly for 6 days. What social / cultural gaffe had I committed now?

I took my place on a high stool between Chantel and Daniel.

Marie Louise looked at me in a very ‘you poor English woman, you really don’t understand’ way. ‘To have a prolonged period of rain like this is absolutely brilliant, pour les champignons.’ The last three words she whispered.

Everyone in the bar grinned knowingly. And suddenly I too understood the veiled secrecy.

A basket of wild mushrooms in Brittany, France

A Fungus Feast

After years of trying to persuade my very good friend, Lisette to take me mushroom picking, she finally admitted last year that she, well, just couldn’t.

It appears that everyone in rural Brittany has their own secret place in the forest for mushroom picking and they always go alone to pick these gastronomic treats.

As I don’t know my cep from my chanterelle, I can only wonder through the forest marveling at all the amazing species of mushrooms and watch a basket carrying individual slip up a side path to their secret stash of fungus. I am tempted to follow. But I don’t.

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