Exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France

Is it possible or indeed practical to buy a LHD car in the UK, originally registered in Poland, and then import it to France? Are there guidelines to be followed?

Driving in France

In recent years, travelling across to the continent and driving in France has become increasingly easy for Brits, but there are laws and regulations to bear in mind while driving abroad.

Mushroom picking in France

In France, mushroom picking, or “la cueillette des champignons”, is practically a national sport during the Autumn season. However, there are guidelines to follow before wandering through the woods.

Pineau … or Pinot? Do you know the difference?

Pineau is a delicious alcoholic drink which comes from the Charentes region of France. It is a fortified wine made from 3 parts grape juice and 1 part Cognac and, like many great delicacies, was discovered by mistake. Find out all about Pineau des Charentes.

Mushrooming in Monteneuf forest

If it were blowing a gale outside your French home would your first thought be to rush into the local woods to go hunting for ceps, chanterelles and pied de mouton mushrooms? Read Nicola’s account of mushroom hunting in Brittany in the middle of a storm.

Brittany Ferries Dispute Update

Sailings are set to resume from Tuesday 2nd October (the 15.30 Poole – Cherbourg sailing being the first one).

A new deal, with concessions on both sides, was agreed by 59% of the CGT union who voted on the deal.

Brittany Ferries ship Cap FinistereA series of wildcat strikes has prompted Brittany Ferries to cancel all services between the UK, France  and Spain (with the exception of the crossing between Cherbourg and Poole, which is operated by Condor Ferries).

This cross channel service cancellation began on Friday 21st September. Although talks are continuing throughout the weekend and the company expects a resolution to be quick, they have cancelled all services until further notice.

Brittany Ferries are advising people with tickets to travel to Dover and Calais, where their bookings will be honoured by P&O and MyFerryLink. In fact, according to Brittany Ferries, you won’t need to contact these companies – you just need to turn up at the port and show your tickets and you will travel for free (provided you have a valid Brittany Ferries ticket, of course). Brittany Ferries also says that unused tickets will be refunded.

I hope they resolve this situation quickly as Brittany Ferries operate a monopoly on the Western Channel crossings, making it pretty well impossible to cross the channel west of Le Havre without using them. The ferry ports of Caen, Cherbourg, St Malo and Roscoff are large enough to accommodate other ferry companies operating between the UK and France, so where are they? Brittany Ferries are expensive because of this monopoly, and their ferries are generally pretty busy, so surely there is a decent market available for somebody else. It’s a shame that P&O ceased operating these routes some years ago.

Travelling from Brittany to Calais is not a practical solution for most people – it’s 3 hours from Caen in Normandy (and most holidaymakers will already have had at least 2-3 hours of driving just to get to Caen).

Are you stuck in France at the moment? What are your plans – will you wait for the problem to get resolved or drive to Calais? If you have a solution please let us know.

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