I have just read an article in Le Figaro which I am struggling to believe. It says:

‘72% of British people cook at home every day compared to 59% of French people.

Of those surveyed, half of British cooks spend more than 30 minutes preparing meals, while only a quarter of the French are willing to spend that long.

Almost twice as many British people as French people bake their own bread.’

Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites
Nicola Harrington

Can this be true?

So more British people cook at home. During the week I can understand this as the main meal of the day is still taken at lunch time. In large organisations, factories, hospitals, and offices there are huge canteens where everyone goes for their two-hour break and a three-course lunch. Children eat their main meals at school and most restaurants in France offer a 10-euro workers lunch for those who are out and about, plumbers, salesmen, and electricians. So maybe in the evening, the French eat more simply. This would also explain why they don’t spend so long preparing their evening meal. They have already eaten a huge three-course meal at lunchtime!

Would you bake your own bread if you could get lovely French “French bread”?

3 white eggs, 2 egg yolks in flour fountain, 2 white eggshells, rolling pin, wooden spoon containing salt, green measuring spoon, on wooden surface

This may not be the explanation, but if it isn’t, then what are the French eating? In rural France,  takeaway shops do not exist and the supermarkets still don’t sell convenience food, apart from the odd frozen pizza.

Maybe I have got it all wrong and the French are a nation of MacDonald’s eaters!

Please help us!

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