Yesterday evening, the 2CV travelled a great distance to have a MOT (contrôle technique).

I gave the key to the grey overalled French mechanic. He went to start the 2CV: nothing. Absolutely nothing.
The starter motor had stuck. This does happen. My heart sank.
I went outside and retrieved a hammer from the passenger seat and opened the bonnet.

French 2cv - Best car in the World

“Best car in the World”

The overalled mechanic grinned.
“You start the engine,” he said, “and I’ll whack the starter motor”. Teamwork!
Two hits of the hammer and she started.

Surprisingly, a dodgy starter motor does not constitute a MOT failure.
However, it did have a few other problems: I need two tyres and the headlights need to be adjusted for driving in France.

Not bad at all…

Today I’m off for the 2-day cycle ride… 53km and sleeping in a tent with 8 seven – nine year nine-year-olds…

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