French cartes de voeux - Dinan

French cartes de voeux – Dinan

In France, we wish our friends, neighbours, or acquaintances a “Bonne année” (Happy new year). We also say

“Meilleurs Voeux” (best wishes), and wish them a “Bonne santé” (good health).

We only start wishing Bonne année or Meilleurs Voeux on 31st December and we have right up until the end of January to do so.

We send “Cartes de Voeux” in January rather than Christmas cards, usually to people who live far from us and/or that we don’t see often. These cartes de voeux are also called mignonnettes. They are small in size, rectangular, and similar to a postcard in that they are just two-sided (they can’t be opened like a British Christmas card).

If you haven’t wished Bonne Année to your neighbours, hurry up! You only have a few more days…

Photo: French carte de voeux showing Dinan, our local medieval town. ‘Bonne Année !’

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