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Mark would like another dog. I am not so keen.

I remember too well the masses of work involved with owning a new dog, house training, long walks, obedience training, dealing with upturned bins, chewed furniture, missing shoes and general chaos.

brown and white staffordshire bull terrier sitting in grass Coupled with this, Tess, our ageing Staffy cross is NOT good with other dogs so I would also have to take up the role as a full-time dogfighting referee. I can’t say I am happy about that, far from it.

No one else seems to understand my objections! Iona is regularly leaving dog screen savers on my computer, Joe is even leaving pictures of dogs on my pillow, and Mark is undecided as to whether the best dog for us would be a greyhound or a Jack Russell.

It seems NO ONE is listening to me.

To cap it all, the week before Christmas France has a national ‘Adopt a Dog’ campaign. All of the S.P.A (Société Protectrice des Animaux, which is the French equivalent of the R.S.P.C.A) centres promote this campaign and there are posters everywhere advertising dogs which are currently in local S.P.A centres, waiting to be rehomed.

Whilst shopping in Vannes last week, Mark ‘apparently’ got lost and we ended up in the car park of the S.P.A centre. On that occasion, I managed to get everyone back in the car WITHOUT a dog but I am not convinced that we will be a one-dog family for much longer….


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