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Nicola Harrington

There isn’t school on Wednesdays and French children are encouraged to carry out activities outside the school environment to broaden their experiences/skills. There is a wealth of activities on offer from gymnastics, pottery, art, horse riding, piano, violin lessons, and even yoga.

Joe and Iona both have swimming lessons on a Wednesday afternoon. Joe’s swimming instructor is a tall stocky slightly scruffy man in his early thirties. He has a totally different approach than Iona’s teacher. Iona swims length after length perfecting her crawl and breaststrokes. Joe, on the other hand, spends a lot of time diving in the pool either as if he were Superman or as if he were saving a goal! However, both methods seem to be working.

Yesterday, as we were leaving, Joe’s teacher met me in reception.

‘Are you English? he asked. ‘Do you give English lessons?’

‘No’, I replied.

‘Ah, would you be interested in giving conversation lessons as I would like to improve my English?’

‘OK.’ I say… now, WHY did I say that? What on earth am I going to talk about to a Superman diving swimming instructor??

Please help us!

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